Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review Of The Furies Of Calderon Book One : By Jim Butcher

In the realm of Alera, where people bond with the furies-elementals of earth, air, fire, water, and metal-fifteen-year-old Tavi struggles with his lack of furycrafting. But when his homeland erupts in chaos-when rebels war with loyalists and furies clash with furies-Tavi's simple courage will turn the tides of war.

My review: 

In this first book of the Furies, Jim Butcher intricately weaves a story of epic proportions.

We first meet a young female cursor, Amara, trained in all manners to protect and serve the kingdom. Along with her we meet Fidelias patriserus ,trainer, long time veteran of the Legionaires.They are on Amara's first mission since graduation from the academy.

Her mission fails and she learns it is a set up and Fidelias has become a traitor to the realm. He has joined another High Lord and with the help of mercenaries  and the vicious and cannibalistic Marats, he intends to overthrow the High Lord Gauis .

Next we  are introduced to Tavi, a fifteen year old boy who has no magical powers known as furies to call upon and for this is considered by some to be a freak. He lives with his Aunt Isana and his Uncle Bernard on his uncle's steadholt which is similar to a fiefdom, owing allegiance to the kingdom and to the Most High Lord Gauis Sextus.   

As the story unfolds Tavi and his Uncle Bernard, keeper of the steadholt are attacked by a Marat warrior and his  eight foot predator bird. Bernard receives a critical  injury while fighting the Marat. A terrible storm is ensuing and Tavi calls Brutus his uncle's fury to transport Bernard home. Knowing there is no way the fury can transport both of them in the storm in time to escape the Marats, Tavi remains behind.

Tavi hears cries and discovers Amara, dressed as a slave, and fights the beast attacking her to get her to shelter. They become fugitives together but she can not reveal her true identity  until she is certain of what he knows and who his family really is.

She is also being pursued by Fidelais and the two mercenaries with him. One a great swordsman and the other a female watercrafter who is a cold blooded killer.

They make it back to his uncle's steadholt only to discover the three show up seeking shelter but actually pursue them.Fidelais wants them dead before they can warn the garrison of the impending attack of the Marat and the attempt to kill and overthrow  Gauis.

As always Jim Butcher's characters come to life in a way  you can easily envision them.

I enjoyed this book and intend to read the rest of the series.

I give this one 4 croaks....

Furies of CalderonAcadem's FuryCursor's FuryCaptain's Fury
Princeps' FuryFirst Lord's Fury

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I'm glad you liked this one. :)

I'm looking forward to reading them - love Jim Butcher.