Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review of : The Silver Sword by Angela Elwell Hunt

The auburned-haired O'Connor women share a bond far deeper than their striking physical appearance. These courageous, high-spirited women all push against societal limits in this exciting historical, romantic novel that spans generations and countries from 13th-century Ireland to the excitement and mystery of 15th-century Prague.

It is said that as Cahira, daughter of the great Irish king Rory O'Connor, lay dying of a wound from a Norman blade, she beseeched God that others would follow her calling. To Kathleen O'Connor, Cahira's story was nothing more than a fable--until research divulged that the tale was true. As a stunned Kathleen realizes that she herself bears the mark of Cahira, she wonders if she is destined to continue the legacy.

To uncover the answers, Kathleen delves into the past to find the truth about the Heirs of Cahira O'Connor. It is a journey that carries her across generations, from the battlefields of 13th-century Ireland to the castles of 15th-century Prague. It is a past filled with peril, courage, vengeance, love, and sacrifice beyond anything she has ever known.

My Review:
I love books written of actual events and persons and this is such a book. Well written filled with religious fervor of the 14th century.  This portrays Jan Hus a priest who spent his life offering the common people writings of the gospels so they could know the truth and not have to accept the teachings of the Catholic church which at the time had three men claiming to be pope and each one more corrupt than the next, common knowledge if researched,  Pope John  XXIII,Baldasarre Cossa, was convicted of 54 charges against him  declared to be the mirror of infamy, an idolater of the flesh and a devil incarnate.
Jan Hus was burned alive but claimed no wrong to the end. His followers carried on his teachings. Thank God for freedom of religion. I really enjoyed this book and give it 5croaks.....

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