Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flash fiction Friday: Week #38

Amy C over at Romance Book Wyrm and Dottie over at Tink's Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take. 

And here is picture prompt #38:

                                            Carrow House

                                        By Brenda Sessoms

I gazed at the mansion on top of the hill with my heart pounding, wondering if she was still there , locked in that house waiting for me to rescue her.

I was fourteen years old the first time I went to Carrow House on a dare. I knocked on the door as my friends watched from the road.After knocking several times I started to walk away, when the door was suddenly jerked open.There stood a giant of a man all dressed in black. With  a  glance at my friends he said, " Good afternoon sir, Miss Carol is expecting you, won't you come in?" I was in shock, who the heck was Miss Carol and how the heck was she expecting me?

After Lerch shut the door , he said," follow me sir" and I did , hey in for a penny in for a pound or something stupid like that.  We went up a long and I do mean long flight of stairs in what felt like a castle full of all kinda old stuff.

We finally came to a door and Lerch knocked, someone said " Come in" Lerch opened the door and I fell in love...There sat the most beautiful creature I had everrr seen. Long black hair, beautiful large green eyes and a body this fourteen year old had only dreamed of.

She said," Hello Lucas, I've been waiting a long time to meet you." OK it finally hit me," Dude how does this babe know your name and why has she been waiting for a long time for you?"  Then my brain decided to ask," Are you gonna get out of here or is this an episode of the Twilight Zone ?"

Carol says she has dreams and she dreamed of me coming here quite a while back but didn't actually know when it would happen so when she saw us outside she told her butler to  act as if I was expected. 

She told me her parents had died and her butler and his wife took care of her and that because of a rare blood disorder she was not allowed to go to school with the rest of the kids. OK , sounds kinda New Moon to me. So I asked if she was a vampire and she replied ,"Would it make a difference?" I thought about it for a while and said,"No"

To be continued:

Word Count: 426

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Blodeuedd said...

Is she a vampire? Now I do wonder :=) Nice flash this week

Michelle Greathouse said...

Well okay then. LOL I don't think it's gonna end nice.